100mm Insulation Blades

IND621, XL Premium Silver 100mm Insulation Blades. Made from a high quality 1.25% Carbon Steel with a polished finish to increase slip factor when cutting through tough insulation materials such as Rockwool. Blades stay sharper for longer thus reducing tool downtime, ensuring a safer more cost effective blade.

This product is also available in our XL Premium Range(s):

Available in XL Gold Range

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Material: Carbon

Length: 100 mm, Width: 19 mm, Thickness: 0.9

100mm Insulation Blades

Material: Carbon Extra Material: 1.25% Carbon Steel

Length: 100 mm, Width: 19 mm, Thickness: 0.9 mm

Packaging Options

  • XL Premium Silver Branded Plastic Box of 10 Insulation Blades 100mm XL Silver (10 x 10)

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