IND622 XL Premium Silver

XL Premium Silver 130mm Insulation Blades, Made from a high quality Polished 1.25% Carbon Steel, increased blade hardness with an enhanced cutting edge that is sharper. Improved performance with increased slip factor when cutting through tough insulation materials such as Rockwool this enables the blades to stay sharper for longer thus reducing tool downtime, ensuring a safer more cost effective blade.

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Material: Carbon

Length: 130 mm, Width: 19 mm, Thickness: 0.9

IND622 XL Silver

Material: Carbon Extra Material: 1.25% Carbon Steel

Length: 19 mm, Width: 130 mm, Thickness: 0.9 mm

Packaging Options

  • XL Premium Silver Branded Plastic Box of 10 Insulation Blades 130mm XL Silver (10 x 10)

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