This 18mm Trimming Utility Knife is made from a robust ABS plastic and retains a lightweight feel in the hand. The handle has been ergonomically designed with a textured anti slip grip for a comfortable and safe feel. These factors contribute to reduced strain when using the knife for long periods. Both the precise auto-lock mechanism and stainless steel blade carrier ensures that the blade remains secure at all times when undertaking the hardest of cutting tasks. The retractable K7200 also offers a blade storage facility to safely store both new and used blades as well as providing a Snap off Tool for quick and efficient use. This knife is also supplied with 3 Jewel Blade XL Premium Silver IND201 18mm Snap Off Blades


Material: Carbon Extra Material: ABS Plastic

Length: 0 mm, Width: 0 mm, Thickness: 0 mm

Packaging Options

  • K7200 Clam Packed on Jewel Branded Retail Hanging (12 Knives Per Box)

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