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Q. When was the company founded?

06 Oct 2017

The ‘Jewel’ name was first trademarked in 1928 but it was the following year in 1929 when John Abbott started the company trading as ‘The Jewel Safety Razor Co.’

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Q. Has the company always manufactured Industrial blades?

06 Oct 2017

No. The company originally produced high quality Stainless Steel Razor Blades for domestic use which included ranges such as Super Stainless, Sheffield Special, and Knockout. It was not until the late 1960’s after many years of research and development, that in order to secure the long term future of the company Jewel diversified, introducing the industrial blade range in response to the growing demand from various market sectors.

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Q. Does the company have any accreditations?

09 Oct 2017


As part of the WR Swann & Co Ltd group of companies we have the following accreditations. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018.

In attaining our ISO 9001:2015 certificate it highlights that as a company we are committed to following internationally recognised quality management principles.

ISO 9001:2015 is based on eight quality management principles:

• Customer focus

• Leadership

• Involvement of people

• Process approach

• System approach

• Continual improvement

• Fact-based decision making

• Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

It is through our adherence to the quality management system (QMS) processes and implementing the quality management principles set from ISO 9001:2015 that enables continuous improvement throughout the company which is not only in line with the W.R.Swann & Co Ltd group policy for ongoing development but also in line with International standards.

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Q. Is there a safe or environmental way to dispose of used blades as I'm fed up of having them loose and scattered about my in tool box but I am reluctant to throw them away with my household rubbish? Thanks, Gary.

14 Dec 2016

Hi Gary thanks for your question. You are quite right, you shouldn't dispose of blades in either your tool box or household rubbish from a health and safety perspective as well as for environmental reasons. We offer various sizes of Sharps disposal units ranging from 0.6 Litres to 24 Litres to suit the size of your workstation or personal requirements. Designed to safely contain used blades, our sharps bin systems feature:

Semi Translucent Lids making contents visible when full

Welded construction for added strength and safety

Puncture resistant base for additional safety

Class leading leak resistance

Large aperture with internal flap ensuring safe and easy disposal

Temporary & final closure feature

In mould label provided for those who require a permanent audit trail

Comply with UN 3291, BS EN ISO 23907:2012 and NF-X-30-511 standard

Alternatively we also offer a range of packaging options for our products which allow you to store your spent/used blades safely.

Please be aware that these options are offered without a disposal service, once full you should contact your local council for disposal information or contact a waste management company such as 'PHS' who provide a chargeable sharps disposal collection service.

For more information with regards to either our sharps bins or various safety packaging options please do not hesitate to contact us via our Website Contact Form or email:


Q. Hi, I want to know what tends to be the most popular knife used in the flooring industry. Thanks, Darren.

14 Dec 2016

Hi Darren, thanks for your question. We believe that this is more for the fitters to answer, however from our experience and how well received it is at various trade shows such as 'The Harrogate Flooring Show' and 'DOMOTEX', it seems that the Original Delphin Knife is a clear favourite. In addition to this we not only offer this knife it its original silver colour but also in blue. Both come supplied with holster and belt clip, making it quick and easy for fitters using different blades to identify the knife ready for use. With a comfortable, positive grip, easy blade replacement with thumb screw opening, blade storage, notch and magnetic blade retainer to secure the blade in place, it's clear to see why this is the most popular knife for fitters in the flooring trade.

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Q. Hi, I've just started working as a painter and decorator and am interested in knowing if there is a better blade I can use for trimming wallpaper? I am currently using a standard Stanley type blade from a local DIY store and there is nothing worse than going to trim the paper, ripping it and then having to start all over again. Please help!

14 Dec 2016

Firstly our IND92A Heavy Duty Utility Blades that you refer to as a 'Stanley Type' blade are possibly better for general purpose jobs rather than trimming wallpaper. From our understanding and knowledge of the decorating trade we would say that the 9mm and 18mm Snap Off blades are predominantly the most popular for use when trimming wallpaper.

We would suggest using our XL Premium Silver Range IND200 9mm Snap Off Blades for a number of reasons. Made from a superior polished 1.25% Carbon Steel (more commonly used in the manufacturing of surgical blades) this 9mm snap off blade has an enhanced, sharper, longer lasting cutting edge. With 12 cutting segments, if you feel the blade starting to drag, snap that segment off and start again with a keen blade edge ensuring that you don't have to start again when it comes to the wall coverings. The other benefit of utilising this product is that it is thinner than standard blades at 0.38mm thick producing a razor sharp edge thus allowing you to be more precise and intricate around those awkward places such as the architraves and skirting. We also offer the 9mm Snap Off in XL Stainless - ideal for use where increased moisture is present. Designed with the professional user in mind, these blades are ideal where time, cost and customer satisfaction are crucial.

We also offer 18mm Snap Off blades in our XL Premium Silver Range to suit the user's personal preference and various professional knives to fit these blades.

We hope this provides some guidance to your question. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us via our Website Contact Form or email:

Q. What difference does the material of the backing strip make on your Single Edge blades? Thanks.

14 Dec 2016

We offer our single edge razor blades with either a Steel Spine, IND001A or Aluminium Spine, IND002. To answer your question, Steel is a very robust and resilient metal which is less likely to warp, deform or bend under increased force and is typically 2.5 times denser than Aluminium. This therefore enables you to exert a greater amount pressure if the task requires it whilst maintaining its structure and stability. Aluminium is more flexible in comparison to steel so it is more suitable for jobs where you may be required to scrape materials that are not necessarily on a flat surface. The blade itself is made from a standard 1% Carbon Steel and is available in various thicknesses, so depending on where and what you are using the single edge razor blades for make sure you consider the above factors before making your choice.

We also offer handles that are compatible with our Single Edge Blades for those who do not use the blade in hand. For Further information please do not hesitate to contact us via our Website Contact Form or email:

Q. Which of your blades fit the Pro Fold knife?

10 Jan 2017

The blade shapes which are compatible and popular for use with our KNI100 Blue & White Pro Fold Knife are: IND92A 2 Notch Heavy Duty Straight Blades, IND92DZ 2 Notch 4 Hole Heavy Duty Straight Blades and IND96LP 2 Notch Pointed Hook Blades, making this handle the ideal choice for multiple cutting tasks.

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Q. How do you change the blades on your Pro Fold Knife?

06 Oct 2017

Thank you for your question hopefully you will find the information below to be of use. Blade change: When inserting the blade into the handle please ensure the locking mechanism is clicked to open, slide the blade into position whilst being careful not to handle the blades cutting edge and once correctly located press the locking mechanism back down to lock the blade securely in position. For use: Depress the white button applying pressure from both sides this will allow you to release/ unfold to knife for use. Please always be careful to hold the knife with the blade pointing away from you. Please see attached document provided as a visual instruction guide, if you require any additional information then please do not hesitate to contact us via website our Contact Form or email

Q. Hi, I have just started my apprenticeship to become a roofer, could you possibly help me on which type of professional knife I should be using? Thanks.

01 Mar 2018

We would advise using a fixed knife over a retractable knife. The reason for this is that some of the materials used in roofing such as bitumen are known for being very sticky and can therefore clog the knife up which makes it hard to retract the blade if you are using a retractable knife. Both our KNI115 and KNIZ8 that come complete with a holster and internal blade storage are ideal and safe with quick blade change features allowing you to either clear the knife of any residue or change the blade with minimal downtime. We also offer a range of other fixed professional knives please see the Professional Knives & Cutters Product Section

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Q. How do I get prices and order? Do you have a list of stockists and online retailers that sell your products?

01 Mar 2018

As we are not eCommerce we do not sell directly through our website. Please email or contact us on +44 (0)114 221 7000 for more information on the most suitable purchase method whether it’s direct or through our extensive distribution network.