Company History


Established for over 90 years, Jewel Blade Limited, located in Sheffield England, was founded in the 1920s as a family run business known as 'The Jewel Safety Razor Company', producing quality razor blades and playing an influential and pioneering role in the manufacture of razor blades from stainless steel.

In 1966 the management team purchased the company, and later moved to premises on Penistone Road in Hillsborough Sheffield with a manufacturing facility of 3830 m2, where Jewel Blade is still located today. Following the relocation, and after many years of research and development, the company diversified, moving away from razor blade production and introducing the industrial blade range in response to growing demand from various market sectors.

In 2003 the strengths of this unique company were enhanced when it was acquired by the W R Swann & Co Ltd group of companies, which includes the world-leading surgical blade manufacturer Swann-Morton Limited.

Improvements and investment were implemented throughout the company, ensuring that our machinery and productivity are at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

In 2010 various improvements began to take place in the factory, that were in keeping with the environmental and energy policies of W R Swann & Co. In August that year the factory was re-roofed with insulation updated to improve energy efficiency. The following year the whole factory was recladded and new roof vents were added to allow for cleaner air within the factory; this along with the addition of fresh air grinding processes and built in extraction on the grinders has led to vast improvements in working conditions for all employees.

In November 2012 the reception area was renovated; a glass curtain wall was installed and accessibility was improved. Most recently in October 2014 the factory was extended with the construction of a new mezzanine floor to increase the capacity for material stock. These improvements are in line with the groups policy of ongoing investment.

On becoming a subsidiary of W R Swann & Co Ltd, Jewel Blade adopted the founding principles of the group:

  • Claims of individuals producing in an industry come first, before anything else, and must always remain first. They are the human beings on which everything is built.
  • If the industry cannot pay the rightful reward of labour (while they are producing for profit for the owners) then a new policy is required on the part of the management to make it do so.
  • If the management can't do the job, then a new management is required, as well as a new policy.
  • Individuals in any industry have a perfect right to demand and see that this objective is reached, because they produce the goods.

Jewel Blade is a 100% subsidiary of W R Swann & Co Ltd, whose equal shareholders are The Swann-Morton Foundation (a registered charity) and The W R Swann Employee Benefit Scheme. Jewel Blade has been a subsidiary of W R Swann & Co for over a decade, as the group continually improves through utilising the vast strengths of the individual group companies and combining these to ensure that they can cater to the ever changing demands of the various industry sectors to which it supplies.

We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and past and present employees for their commitment and continuing support.