Bespoke Blade Services

Bespoke Blade & Manufacturing Services


Here at Jewel we produce custom made, specialty and technical blades for commercial, industrial, craft, food processing and many other market sectors, manufactured in both small or mass production runs. With over 90 years of experience in producing bespoke blades our knowledge is unequalled giving us the cutting edge when making blades to any specification. Our team of experts can advise on the best materials, coatings, sizes and blade shape for various applications and provide details of our personalised private branding service.

We endeavour to work alongside our customers to determine exactly what you require to meet the demands of your application and specific business needs. In order to achieve this successfully our in house technical research and product development team provide support throughout as they aim to develop a further insight into your initial concept and drawings.  With an enhanced understanding of multiple industries and the technical product requirements our team utilise their vast knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions and guidance to ensure that the finished product exceeds your blades requirements.

When working on custom made blades various factors are taken into consideration; determining the best suited materials and coatings as well as the blade geometry. The dimensional and hardness tolerances are then analysed and refined to ensure that individual enquiries are rapidly responded to.

Honing the finer details

We also offer a private branding and bespoke packaging service with advice based upon a host of factors including the client’s artwork, product brand, product, product environment/ market and the customer’s specific requirements.  Our extensive and alternative packaging options are diverse to meet the needs of the clients, ranging from bulk options for industry use, to sales enhancing retail packaging.

Once the above processes have been completed prototype samples are provided for trials to commence. 

How long is a piece of Strip? 

In addition to an individualised bespoke service, here at Jewel Blade we are also offer a unique service for ‘Strip blade steel’. This is a user defined service with the facility to offer strip blade steel in both Stainless and Carbon Steel with the products measurements varying dependent on the clients specific business needs.   

Razor sharp strip blade steel from Jewel Blade Ltd is Made In Sheffield, England utilising enhanced cutting edge technology to ensure a high quality, reliable and consistent finish at any length you require for the manufacture of your products. 

Our team of experts endeavour to work alongside our customers taking various factors into consideration when determining the products parameters including the best suited Materials, Hardness tolerances, Cutting-edge blade geometry and strip dimensions with  the option for Jewel’s coil length being practically ‘endless’,  guaranteeing a finished product that exceeds your blades requirements.

  • Precision razor sharp ground strip coiled and wrapped in a protective packaging for further processing.
  • The length of strip could be mm’s to never ending dependent on the application
  • All aspects of product specifications are defined together with the customer
  • Both Carbon and Stainless Steel hardness from 58 HRC – 65 HRC