This distinct 18mm Snap Off Knife has been designed using both an anti-slip notched grip pattern and finger stop for added stability, secure handling and comfort. The body and structures of this 18mm trimming knife are made from a robust yet lightweight ABS plastic for increased durability, with a stainless steel blade guide and ratcheted locking wheel mechanism ensuring that the blade is firmly secured in place at any length of extension providing you with complete control whilst in use. In addition the K750 also comes with an integrated multi-purpose safety tape cutter and loop holder to accommodate a spiral lanyard, belt clip or key chain.


Material: Carbon Extra Material: ABS Plastic

Length: 0 mm, Width: 0 mm, Thickness: 0 mm

Packaging Options

  • Clam Packed on Jewel Branded Retail Hanging (12 Knives Per Box)

    K750 Clam Packed on Jewel Branded Retail Hanging Cards (12 Knives Per Box)

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