IND224 XL Premium Gold

XL Premium Gold 9mm Acute Snap Off Blades with 8 Cutting Segments 0.38mm Thick. Made From High Quality 1.25% Carbon Steel With a Polished Finish Featuring a TiN Coated Cutting Edge. The Titanium Nitride (TiN) Coating improves wear resistance and extends blade life. This is ideal for preventing breaking when cutting through those more abrasive materials.

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Available in XL Silver Range

Available in Silver XL

Material: Carbon

Length: 72 mm, Width: 9 mm, Thickness: 0.38

IND224 XL Premium Gold

Material: Carbon Extra Material: 1.25% Carbon Steel, TiN Coated

Length: 72 mm, Width: 9 mm, Thickness: 0.38 mm

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