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Jewel's quality assured GREAT British blades are flawless at Domotex -The World of Flooring Exhibition.

Jewel's quality assured GREAT British blades are flawless at Domotex -The World of Flooring Exhibition.

Jewel Blade’s 2015 got off to a GREAT start as the Sheffield based manufacturer returned to Hannover for the third consecutive year to showcase their range of innovative GREAT British blades for the Flooring Industry at the at the worldwide leading trade fair Domotex – The World of Flooring Exhibition.

Established for over 90 years and part of W R Swann & Co Ltd the UK-based blade manufacturer are at the heart of Sheffield’s manufacturing industry and are distinguished as a world leader in producing high performance precision blades for use in various industries. Jewel distributes to over 52 countries worldwide and manufactures approximately 80 Million GREAT British Blades a year. Jewel Blade’s expertise coupled with their flexibility throughout production and in-house Technical Support enables them to produce blades to customers own specifications both quickly and efficiently, allowing them to continually evolve and adapt to their customer’s needs. Enhancements in their high quality cutting edge manufacturing processes, use of superior materials and rigorous testing procedures that replicate the day to day uses of the blades ensures that Jewel produce blades that meet the demands of the various industries.

 “Our presence at a show like Domotex is crucial as it enables us to raise the company’s profile throughout Europe and beyond.  The fact that this was our third consecutive year at the show reinforces the Jewel Blade Brand to some of the industries professionals on a worldwide platform. The continual improvements in how we present ourselves at this exhibition can be seen by all and is a true reflection into how we as a company continue to work together on a day to day basis to develop and grow”.  These were the comments made by Jewel Blade’s General Manager Julian Marshall following their success at Domotex 2015.

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