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Making A 'Point' With Two NEW Additions To The XL Premium Range

Jewel Blade Ltd has delivered two NEW GREAT British blades of the superior cutting performance to its XL Premium Silver & Gold Range.  In Sheffield, England Jewel has honed the design of two of the most popular blades shapes within the flooring industry, introducing the NEW IND96J Super Hook Blades along with the NEW IND99C Concave Blades featuring an extra pointed tip for a razor sharp finish.

Made from the highest quality 1.25% Carbon Steel the XL Premium Silver with its polished finish and increased blade sharpness is designed to be longer lasting due to a decreased amount of blade drag with a higher slip factor when cutting and scoring the toughest of materials, subsequently reducing both user handling and tool downtime ensuring a safer, more productive and cost effective blade. In addition to this the XL Premium Gold blades feature a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating which forms a metallurgical bond with the blades cutting edge and therefore the blades remain sharper for longer enhancing the cutting performance by up to 8 x when compared with other conventional blades in the flooring industry providing the fitter with a higher yield. These blades are ideal for use when cutting and scoring L.V.T and various underlay systems.

These two new additions to the XL Premium Range further enhances Jewel Blade’s reputation for bringing innovate products to the floor and this is what enables them to remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

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